World Of Warcraft Shadowlands: Anima Transfer Between Alts Planned For 9.1.5

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Blizzard has commented on the forums announcing that there will be a way for players to transfer anima to their alt characters in patch 9.1.5.

Players will also be able to transfer anima to other covenants, as players will be able to switch between them freely in the next patch.


Characters will need to have fully upgraded their covenant sanctum before they are able to begin sending anima over to other characters, however, this should not be a problem for those who have been playing this expansion.

Blizzard also announced today that a hotfix that is now live, will increase the anima cap from 35,000 to 200,000, as players have begun to store excess anima in their banks as there is not much worth spending it on once players have all the rewards.

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World Of Warcraft Shadowlands: Anima Transfer Between Alts Planned For 9.1.5

"We intend to introduce a way for Anima to be transferred to alts (or to other Covenants on the same character) from characters who have fully upgraded their Covenant Sanctum in patch 9.1.5." Says Community Manager Kaivax.

This announcement comes just a few days after Game Director Ion Hazzikostas hinted that there would be changes to the anima system soon.

Screenshot of the Sanctum Reservoir cap increased to 200,000 on live servers.
The anima cap change is now live.

There is currently no date for patch 9.1.5 however, the PTR is expected to go live within the next few days for players to begin testing all the new changes announced for the quality of life patch.