World of Warcraft: Shadowlands And Burning Crusade Hotfixes For July 26th

Chains of Domination will see its first major PvP tuning pass since the redesign of many PvP talents with the launch of the patch, which will go live with weekly maintenance.

Necrotic wake also sees some changes done to many of the weapons scattered around the dungeon again, this time increasing their base damage by 50%, however, they no longer scale with the player's stats.

Announced alongside phase 2 of Classic Burning Crusade going live on the PTR next week, the formula to calculate arena points has been adjusted resulting in more points awarded each week.

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World of Warcraft: Shadowlands And Burning Crusade Hotfixes For July 26th


  • Mage
    • Fire
      • [With weekly maintenance in each region] Ring of Fire (PvP Talent) will reapply its damage over time effect less frequently while standing within the ring.
Developers’ note: In situations where players were stunned or rooted inside the ring, the damage dealt by Ring of Fire was higher than intended. There will now be a cooldown before the fire reapplies its damage over time.
  • Priest
    • Shadow
  • [With weekly maintenance in each region] Void Volley (PvP Talent) damage reduced by ~15%.
  • Warrior
    • [With weekly maintenance in each region] Intervene's duration reduced to 3 seconds while engaged in combat with enemy players (was 6 seconds).
Developers’ note: Warriors group defensive toolkit is currently outshining other specs, by reducing Intervene's duration, we hope to open more windows of opportunities for enemy teams to capitalize on.

Dungeons and Raids

  • The Necrotic Wake
    • Anima Exhaust damage and healing increased by 50%.
    • Forgotten Forgehammer, Bloody Javelin, and Discharged Anima deal 50% more damage but no longer scale with player damage modifier effects and can no longer critically strike.
Developers’ note: We recently discovered a bug that was causing some dungeon spells to inflict incorrect damage, and fixing this bug had a very noticeable impact on the pickups found in The Necrotic Wake. Upon closer review of these items, we've decided to make their impact more consistent while increasing their baseline power to compensate.

Items and Rewards

  • [With weekly maintenance in each region] Unchained Gladiator's Shackles of Malediction's channeled Shadow damage is now Magic dispellable (was Curse).
Developers’ notes: We’ve made this change to open up more counterplay options for all of our healer specs by changing the dispel type to Magic.

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Burning Crusade Classic

  • Player versus Player
    • [With weekly maintenance in each region] The formula for Arena Points has been adjusted to increase Arena Points awarded each week. This will equate to approximately 100 additional points per week for most 5v5 teams, about 88 additional points for most 3v3 teams, and about 76 more points for 2v2 teams. Teams near 1500 rating will get more, and the curve still tapers to the same maximum as before.
Developers' notes: In original Burning Crusade in 2007, players could expect to receive 450-500 Arena Points per week by playing at least 10 matches and winning more than 50% of the time. At that time, a team who lost most of their games could expect to get about 300 points per week. Starting from a team rating of 0 has created a points-per-win curve that has been significantly below that, so we're raising the point floor to compensate for the additional time needed to raise your rating. With this change, all 5v5 teams over 100 rating should get at least 300 points per week.

These hotfixes will go live upon weekly reset in each region.

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