27 Sep 2021 3:47 AM +00:00

World Of Warcraft Players Call For Blizzard To Act Against Toxic In-Game Behavior

A Reddit user has spoken out about their experiences with World of Warcraft and has pleaded with the company to take more action against these players who say hurtful things over the video game.

It is no secret that World of Warcraft is full of toxicity especially with the PUG culture of the game but are Blizzard doing all they can to combat this type of behavior in their game?

Blizzard recently announced that they have some in-game chat reporting improvements planned for patch 9.1.5, but ultimately they will need to enforce this new system if they are serious about making change.

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World Of Warcraft Players Call For Blizzard To Act Against Toxic In-Game Behavior

While many players are quick to call out Blizzard for trying to tone down sexual content in the game, these are two separate issues and the removal of these references isn't as game-breaking as real harassment.


Many players like to give their opinion and refer to other games and how well they deal with toxicity, although the issue with World of Warcraft is the requirement of competitive content to stay relevant on a character.


Since the introduction of Mythic+ in Legion, players have begun to be more toxic because there is more on the line when completing the content, and if things aren't going their way, it's easy to put the blame onto others.

Blizzard's new system will notify the player who sent the report if an action has been taken, and will warn the offending player that their behavior is not acceptable, because it is not about banning players out of the game, it is about changing the culture of the game for the better.

Of course, if the violation of the Terms of Service is extremely inappropriate, lengthy, and even permanent bans will have action taken immediately.

This all comes down to how well Blizzard enforces their new rules, and the way they can change player behavior over time, as it won't be a change that happens overnight.