World Of Warcraft: Pilgrim's Bounty Holiday 2021 Has Begun

The Feast of Pilgrim's Bounty has begun this year, and players can begin completing the holiday activities that only come around for this one week of the year.

Pilgrim's Bounty is a time for players to set aside their differences and celebrate with friends and family and share good fortune and good food with all, but be quick as it will disappear with the next weekly reset on Tuesday the 30th of November.

Thankfully, the achievements are not a part of the Meta "What a Long Strange Trip it has Been", so players will not feel compelled to complete these achievements, but those who want to complete as much as they can need to take part in this 1-week holiday event.

For the average player, there is one buff from the event that is worth considering, and that is the Spirit of Sharing buff, which requires players to eat 5 helpings of each food, gaining a well-fed buff giving players a 10% increased reputation.

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World Of Warcraft: Pilgrim's Bounty Holiday 2021 Has Begun

This holiday revolves around cooking and unfortunately having a skill of 280 classic cooking will make completing the dailies much easier.

There are 5 daily quests to complete around the bountiful tables, which can be found outside of each factions capital cities, which award a piece of the Pilgrim's set or a Pilgrim's Bounty Cache, which can contain the Fine Pilgrim's Hat, Frightened Bush Chicken battle pet, or the Silver-Plated Turkey Shooter, along with various seasonal consumables.

There are 9 achievements to complete for the event, and only 7 are required for the meta-achievement which awards the Pilgrim Title and Plump Turkey.

  • "Food Fight": Bounce food off a fellow feaster's head at a Bountiful Table.
  • Now We're Cookin': Cook up one of every Pilgrim's Bounty Dish.
  • Pilgrim's Paunch: Acquire the Spirit of Sharing from a complete Bountiful Table feast at every (player faction) capital.
  • Terokkar Turkey Time: Defeat Talon King Ikiss while wearing a Pilgrim's Hat and either a Pilgrim's Dress, Robe, or Attire.
  • The Terkinator: Hunt enough Wild Turkeys quickly enough to gain Turkey Triumph.
  • Turkey Lurkey: Blast those dirty, sneaking Rogues with your Turkey Shooter.
  • Pilgrim's Peril: While wearing either a Pilgrim's Dress, Robe, or Attire, take a seat at each enemy capital's Bountiful Table.
  • Pilgrim's Progress: Complete each of the Pilgrim's Bounty dailies.
Note - The bottom two achievements are not required for the meta.

New in 2021: How to get the Turkey Critter Shape for Night Fae players.

The only new feature as of 2021, is the Turkey Critter shape.

This can be obtained by gaining the Spirit of Sharing buff and then eating one more round of each serving, and once you leave the final chair, you will receive a quest to hand into Choofa in the Heart of the Forest, which will award the Critter Shape.

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