World Of Warcraft: How To Prepare For Patch 9.1.5 As A New Or Returning Player

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With the announcement of patch 9.1.5, many players will be looking to return to the game or start fresh for the first time, and with all the new quality of life improvements and features coming to the game based on player feedback, players will want to catch up quickly especially to complete Legion Mythic+ Timewalking which will take place during the first two weeks of the patch before joining the rotation.

There are new catch-up mechanics being introduced to patch 9.1.5, but if you have the time to begin slowly completing weekly tasks until the patch launches you will be in a better spot than those starting late.

Players will want to earn their Domination Shards, the new Soul Cinders for legendary items, renown, and start working on some item levels.

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World Of Warcraft: How To Prepare For Patch 9.1.5 As A New Or Returning Player

Here is a list of events on a weekly (or close to) lockout that will help players in the weeks leading into the new patch.

  • Torghast; both wings and on the highest level possible, ideally 8+ for Cinders.
  • At least one Weekly Mythic+ at the highest level you can for the weekly vault.
  • If you do not want to raid, at least defeat Sylvanas Windrunner on LFR once a week for a guaranteed Shard of Domination.
  • Complete Covenant and Chains of Domination storylines.
  • Farm renown as close to 80.

While many of these features will be getting improvements in the new patch, getting a head start is recommended to ensure you can get the most out of the first few weeks.

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Changing covenant, and catching up with the new Broker Mark of Distinction, which grants up to level 40 renown for alt characters, requires a renown level of 80, which is currently the cap.

Doing any number of these activities will ensure you are in a good position to take part in the new 9.1.5 content.

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