World of Warcraft: How to Obtain the Secret Slime Serpent Mount

Members of the World of Warcraft secret finding Discord have discovered how to find the Secret Slime Serpent mount.

Well, kind of.

DurendilLeHunt, a player known for soloing content on his hunter has been completing each mythic dungeon for his YouTube channel when he unknowingly uncovered the secret.

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World of Warcraft: How to Obtain the Secret Slime Serpent Mount

Check out the video below:

So how do you unlock it?

Firstly, you need to make sure to set the dungeon difficulty to heroic or mythic (heroic to ensure an easier time) and enter the Plaguefall dungeon located in Maldraxxus with nobody else in your party, otherwise, the hidden quest will fail.

Once inside the only requirements needed to unlock the mount are to solo the third and fourth bosses Domina Venomblade and Margrave Stradama, however, you will need to navigate through certain trash packs to get there.

The bosses aren’t exactly easy, so it is important to remember that mounts are account-wide, and you should use a class that can have an easier time soloing (tanks and pet classes). Once you have decided on a class don’t forget to stock up on consumables to make the fights easier.

Once both bosses have been defeated, return to the room where the Domina Venomblade encounter takes place. Surrounding the room is a river of slime and below the waterfall, an NPC will spawn named Curious Slime Serpent. All you need to do is approach the serpent and interact with it and it will be added to your mount collection.

Enjoy riding your new green friend and don’t forget to show it off to your guildmates!

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