World Of Warcraft Hotfix Buffs The Rate Conduit Energy Refills At

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It's no surprise that Conduit Energy was one of the least enjoyable systems in the Shadowlands, with players pointing out the flaws before the launch of the expansion, Blizzard doubled down on their system until 9.1.5 where they have announced they will be removing the system altogether.

In a hotfix that is now live, Blizzard has announced that Conduit Energy will now refill at a rate of 10 per day, up from the initial 1 per day.

This will allow players to switch conduits around more freely without punishment leading up to the release of patch 9.1.5.

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World Of Warcraft Hotfix Buffs The Rate Conduit Energy Refills At

"We are entirely removing Conduit Energy as a system in the upcoming 9.1.5 patch, but in the meantime, we wanted to hotfix in a stopgap measure that should effectively remove it as a meaningful constraint." Blizzard said in their Patch notes.

Not only is conduit energy being removed in patch 9.1.5, but players will also be able to switch covenants with no penalty or questline required.

The 9.1.5 PTR is now live and players can hop on and test out all these changes and more.


Legion Mythic+ Timewalking and the recently announced removal of the AoE Cap currently arent on the PTR and will go live in a future build.

Patch 9.1.5 currently does not have a release date, but players can expect to see the patch sometime in October.

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