World Of Warcraft Community Council Now Live As Invites Continue To Roll Out

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World of Warcraft's Community Council went live today, where select members of the community have been granted access to a special forum only accessible to the select few who are invited and viewable only to the public.

This forum acts as a way for the WoW Devs to communicate closer with direct members of the community, with players selected from many different aspects of the game to get a general view from many different types of players.

"WoW Community Council members have been selected from among the many thousands of applicants for their varied experience playing and posting about the game, as well as their diverse perspectives. We will continue to add Council members as often as necessary to bolster every kind of discussion here, and Council members will be removed one year after they were first added to the program". Blizzard said to kickstart the forums.

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World Of Warcraft Community Council Now Live As Invites Continue To Roll Out

Applications to join the Community Council have been closed, but may open again in the future once more members are required if people stop using the forums or after the one-year time limit is up.

Players will continue to receive invites over the next few days if selected and granted access to post on these community forums.

Many people were wondering about the ability to post anonymously, as giving opinions on certain in-game topics can create a target for harassment, but the only option to do this is to post under a character that is not their main.