World of Warcraft Classic: The Burning Crusade New Deluxe Edition Images Found

Data miners have found new images that Blizzard has uploaded to their Content delivery network, which features content that was found in the files of The Burning Crusade: Classic beta servers.

Last month, an image was found of a new Warp Stalker mount and strings of code that were named after various toys added in the original Burning Crusade expansion via the Trading Card Game.

The strings of code included the name "TBCC: DE", Which based on previous naming schemes stands for The Burning Crusade Classic: Deluxe Edition.

The image that was found today, features all of these promotional items and is in the same format we have seen in previous expansions.

Image that was found uploaded to Blizzards CDN today.
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Image that was found uploaded to Blizzards CDN today.

In the bottom left image, we see an additional service that further indicates that this is the image we will see in the in-game shop. This style of image normally represents a "character boost" which has been introduced in the previous retail expansions allowing players to purchase max level characters instantly.

Blizzard confirmed level 60 boosts will be coming with TBC: C, helping new players catch up quickly before they adventure into outland.

If this image represents what players will see in the store, it looks like the boost will be an individual sale, as well as, included in a premium bundle featuring everything.

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Classic players weren't too happy when they heard about microtransactions coming to the classic version of the game.

We hope to see Blizzard keep these microtransactions to a minimum and keep it to expansion launches only.

With no announcement date of when players will be able to enter the Dark Portal, players expect to see a pre-patch announcement soon followed by the full release of The Burning Crusade: Classic.

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