Where Is The Sanctum Of Domination Raid Entrance?

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The Sanctum of Domination is the second raid to be released in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, where players will confront the Jailers forces and discover the fate of Sylvanas Windrunner who is the final encounter.

There is only one place, players could expect to find the Jailers forces. Deep within the Maw, the Sanctum of Domination can be found.

Players should be wary of the elite mobs in the northern Maw, while they run towards the entrance as there is no flying in the Maw.


Update: Patch 9.1.5 has introduced a teleporter straight to the raid entrance, which players can take from the Animaflow Teleporter in Ve'nari's Refuge - Just select the Desmotaeron.

If this is not an option for you, travel to Perdition Hold and then take the rift stone there straight to the Desmotaeron location.

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Where Is The Sanctum Of Domination Raid Entrance?

The Raid entrance can be found here.
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The Raid entrance can be found here.

Now that Chains of Domination is out, the Maw has opened up into new areas with these northern locations now available as the raid entrance and a potential world boss spawn.


Traveling south of the Beastwarrens, players will find the new daily quest area, Korthia, City of secrets.

The Sanctum of Domination is a new 10 boss raid that features many friends and foes from throughout the expansion so far.

Blizzard has written the boss fights very cleverly, as two of the encounters feature old foes from 9.0 that are no longer a part of the content they were from.

Players will fight the Tarragrue and the Eye of The Jailer who both were troublesome in Torghast, and the Maw zone during the first patch of Shadowlands.

Both characters are no longer there in 9.1 (after a bit of questing), and players defeating them inside the raid only makes sense.