What Time Is WoW Classic TBC Launch Maintenance

Just like any week, the World of Warcraft servers will be going down for weekly maintenance, but for the current Burning Crusade servers moving from pre-patch to the full expansion how long can we expect the servers to be down?

As of posting, Blizzard has stated that there will only be a short maintenance window of 1 hour on June 1st, from 7 am PDT until 8 am PDT.

This is the normal weekly reset time and players can expect nothing to change once the servers come back up.

What Time Is WoW Classic TBC Launch Maintenance

Now, what does that mean for the opening of the Dark Portal?

Players should expect normal pre-patch gameplay until the expansion launches, and the quest to enter The Dark Portal will become available.

You can find out what time The Burning Crusade launches for you here.

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Some players are worried about the server stability of the release and are surprised by the short 1 hour estimated downtime.

After the launch of pre-patch saw the longest maintenance downtime of recent history, players have every right to be worried, however, most content is already uploaded into the game files, and the switch is ready to turn the new content on, so if there are any issues on launch, it will come down to can the servers handle the load.

We will update times if anything changes closer to maintenance.

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