What Is The Great Gnomeregan Run In World Of Warcraft?

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The Great Gnomeregan Run is based on a player-run charity event that has been active for the past 10 years to raise money for breast cancer, and now Blizzard has incorporated it into its yearly micro-holiday schedule.

micro-holidays are small one-day events added in patch 7.1.5 back in Legion, and while they don't award any special rewards or achievements, they can often be a fun event to participate in for a few hours.


The Great Gnomeregan Run will take place on Saturday, October 9th, and will begin in the Gnome starting area at Dun Morogh.

Participating players can pick up a quest called "The Great Gnomeregan Run" inside the starting area, and are tasked to run through 34 gates on the way to the final destination in Booty Bay in Southern Stranglethorn Vale.

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What Is The Great Gnomeregan Run In World Of Warcraft?

Because this is a Gnome event, it is only available to Alliance players (even if they are not Gnomes) however, Horde players who wish to participate can create a level 1 Gnome character and join in on the event.

There are often high-level players running and protecting some of the lower-level characters who wish to participate.

Once players have run through each gate and reached Booty Bay, they can hand their quest into Prince Erazmin, although there are no limited rewards to completing the quest as Micro Holidays are created as a fun one-day event with no rewards tied to them.


Players will receive typical gold and experience for their level, which can be a bit pointless for players who create a gnome specifically for this event.

For those interested in joining in the official Running of the Gnomes Charity event which is held on the Scarlet Crusade - US realm, they can find more information here.