What Are The Best Hunter Pets In World Of Warcraft Shadowlands?

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One of the main draws to the Hunter Class in World of Warcraft is the ability to train and use pets in combat.

Hunter pets have gone through many changes over the 17-year history and saw another new change going into the most recent expansion, Shadowlands.


All pet damage and health values are normalized, so it does not matter what pet you choose the damage will be the same.

The main thing that matters is what specialization the pet is, as they offer different abilities based on each spec.

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What Are The Best Hunter Pets In World Of Warcraft Shadowlands?


  • Primal Rage: Increases haste by 30% for 40 seconds for all party and raid members.
  • Predator's Thirst: 10% leech for the player and their pet.

Ferocity pets are a great tool to have active in groups without a Bloodlust class. the 10% leech is handy for keeping the pet alive is solo content as well, but there is no real benefit to having it out in a raid.



  • Survival of the Fitness: 20% Damage reduction ability for 6 seconds (3-minute cooldown).
  • Endurance Training: Passive increase to player and pet health by 5%.

Tenacity is normally the go-to for PvE content such as raids and mythic+, as the extra health and damage reduction are a valuable tool for Hunters as they are one of the squishiest classes.


  • Master's Call: Removes all roots from the pet and the player's current target (or self).
  • Pathfinding: Passive increase to the player and pets movement speed by 8%.

Cunning is the PvP pet spec of choice, having the ability to remove immobilization effects of you or a team member is a great tool in Arena.

As there are so many pets in World of Warcraft today, Petopia is your go-to guide to find what pet falls under each category.

Each pet family has unique attacks that can come in handy in niche situations, although this guide gives you a basic overview of the different specializations and where to start when finding what pets to use as a Hunter.


Shadowlands increased the pet stables to 200, and a player can have 5 on them at a time, so go out and grab pets from each family so you are ready for any situation.