Upcoming Covenant Legendary Tuning Announced By Blizzard

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As part of Patch 9.1 Chains of Domination, new covenant-specific legendaries were introduced as part of Renown rewards and would focus on improving a player's class covenant ability.

Many were looking to be powerful additions to the legendary roster, changing up the meta quite a bit, and some others were underwhelming.


Blizzard announced today that they will be tuning some of these legendary powers, primarily making them stronger with a few nerfs.

Player's are able to access these new legendary powers once they reach level 48 renown, which is available during Mythic week beginning on the 13th of July.

These changes will be tested on the PTR "soon" and there is no date when they will go live on the main servers, despite them being craftable next week.

Upcoming Covenant Legendary Tuning Announced By Blizzard

Here are all the changes being made:

Death Knight

  • Kyrian - Final Sentence: Damage per stack increased to 3% to 15% (was 2% to 10%), and duration increased to 18 seconds (was 10 seconds).
  • Night Fae - Rampant Transference: Strength gain increased to 2% per stack (was 1% per stack).
  • Venthyr - Insatiable Hunger: Base damage increased by 12%.

Demon Hunter

  • Night Fae - Blazing Slaughter: Now grants 4% agility per target struck (was 3%).
  • Venthyr - Agony Gaze: Extends the duration of Sinful Brand by 0.75 seconds (was 0.5 seconds).


  • Kyrian - Kindred Affinity: Bonus stats now give 8% (was 5%), and Mastery Rating given is now 150 (was 100).
  • Night Fae - Celestial Spirits: Convoke the Spirits’ duration reduced by 25% (was a 50% reduction).

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  • Night Fae - Fragments of the Elder Antlers: Proc chance increased to 100% when fewer than 5 targets are hit.
  • Venthyr - Pouch of Razor Fragments: Bleed increased to 60% (was 35%), and radius increased to 12 yards (was 8 yards).


  • Kyrian - Spheres’ Harmony: Cooldown reduction increased to 3 seconds (was 2 seconds) and cap increased to 80 seconds (was 60 seconds). (Cap Reverted)
  • Venthyr - Shadow Word: Manipulation: Gain 5% Critical Strike for each second remaining for 10 seconds (was 3%).


  • Kyrian – Divine Resonance: Reduced the duration of Divine Resonance to 15 seconds (was 30 seconds). (Additional change)


  • Kyrian - Harmonic Echo: Echo damage increased to 30% (was 25%).
  • Night Fae - Heart of the Fae: Buff duration increased to 15 seconds (was 10 seconds).
  • Venthyr - Sinful Delight: Cooldown reduction increased to 4 seconds (was 3 seconds).


  • Necrolord - Bountiful Brew: Procs per minute increased to 1.5 (was 1.25).
  • Venthyr - Sinister Teachings: Cooldown reduction increased to 5 seconds (was 3 seconds).


  • Night Fae - Toxic Onslaught: Buff duration increased to 12 seconds (was 8 seconds).
  • Venthyr - Obedience: Versatility granted reduced to 0.5% per stack of Flagellation (was 1% per stack).


  • Kyrian - Raging Vesper Vortex: Damage increased by 50%.
  • Night Fae - Seeds of Rampant Growth: Crit bonus increased to 4% (was 3%).
    • For Enhancement Shamans: Feral Spirits cooldown reduction increased to 9 seconds (was 7 seconds).
  • Necrolord - Splintered Elements: Increased Haste bonus to 8% (was 5%).


  • Venthyr - Contained Perpetual Explosion: Impending Catastrophe’s damage increase has been increased to 125% (was 75%).

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  • Venthyr - Sinful Surge: Condemn now extends the duration of Recklessness by 1.5 seconds (was 2 seconds). Change reverted by Blizzard

Blizzard has adjusted a few of the changes, reverting some nerfs and buffs, and we will likely see more changes up until they go live.


You can find Blizzard's full blog post here.