Top 5 Consumables And Tips For Shadowlands Mythic+ Dungeons

Since the addition of Mythic+ in Legion, players have been using many different consumables and unique items to better their runs, whether it be something small like your everyday alchemy buffs, or 10-year-old engineering items, there are many different ways to improve your mythic+ experience.

This list will go into the basics of what should be expected when entering a mythic+ dungeon, and some unique strategies that can help in unique situations.

While some of these items are by no means required, they do offer alternatives to dealing with certain mechanics that can potentially save wipes and long-run backs.

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Top 5 Consumables And Tips For Shadowlands Mythic+ Dungeons

1. Standard Consumables

Don't be that player that goes to a Mythic+ run and doesn't use a single consumable. Here are the basics of what you should always be using:

  • Main stat flask
  • Your best stat food
  • On use potions
  • Health potions
  • Invisibility Potions

2. Engineering Options

Engineering is a strong Profession to have for Mythic+ dungeons no matter how low the keys are that you are doing. Shadowlands belt enchants can be put on the player's gear and can give invisibility enchant that can be used in place of a potion, meaning you can use your DPS pot more often.

Engineers wanting to go the extra mile can learn Cataclysm Engineering and craft Carboard Assassins, whcih will cause mobs to attack it for 5 seconds. This will help the tank in certain situations like dropping necrotic stacks or taking a big tank buster hit.

3. Battle Resurrection

While this falls under the Engineering category, it does deserve its own place. Battle resurrection is one of the most important abilties needed for Mythic+ and if any of the classes in your group does not have one, you will want engineering on as many players as possible.

The Disposable Spectrophasic Reanimator is the Shadowlands Version of the item and can be crafted and used at only 50 Shadowlands Engineering skills.

4. Auto Hammer

The higher keys you go the more likely you are to die, and having members with damaged gear is only going to spell the end of your run. Of course, Yaks and Mammoths can be used outdoors to repair gear, but not all dungeons have ways for players to mount up so having Auto Hammers on hand will enable fast repairing.

5. Drums of Deathly Ferocity

Much like the battle resurrection, some form of Bloodlust is important for Mythic+ dungeons, and if you lack a class with a similar spell, you can pick up some drums on the Auction House but unlike engineering battle resurrections, players dop not need the required skill to use drums, so there is no reason to not have some on hand.

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