Tier Sets Finally Make A Return in Shadowlands Patch 9.2 Eternity's End

Blizzard has announced Shadowlands patch 9.2, Eternity's End where players will finally be able to have access to powerful class tier sets, which were removed from the game at the end of Legion.

"Harness the power of the First Ones by collecting distinctive class armor sets via raids, PvP, or Mythic+ dungeons. Each set comes with powerful 2- and 4-piece set bonuses that complement your unique abilities". The preview reads.

This means for the first time ever, players will have multiple ways to earn these class sets, outside of being raid drops only.

This will allow mythic+ and PvP focused players a way to stay relevant without needing to raid to stay competitive in their own types of content.

Blizzard has given more information on how Mythic+ and PvP players can earn Tier Sets in Eternity's End. Read more here.

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Tier Sets Finally Make A Return in Shadowlands Patch 9.2 Eternity's End

The wording on the post makes us unsure if all these sets will be the same, or will feature different set bonuses based on each type of content they are rewarded from.

The new raid, the Sepulcher of the First Ones will have players face off against foes such as Anduin, Malganis, and finally the Jailer and will have 11 bosses in total.

During the announcement, Narrative lead Steve Dansaur hints at Eternity's End being the final story arc of the Shadowlands, although this does not necessarily mean that it will be the final patch of the expansion.

Players will know more once the Public Test Realm goes live, which currently does not have a date but can be expected within the next week.

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