Shadowlands Season 2 Start Date: When Does The PvP And Mythic Plus Season Release

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Shadowlands patch 9.1 Chains of Domination is now live, however, there is a slight delay in seasonal unlocks just like any recent patch launch to limit the early player progression power levels before the opening of the new Sanctum of Domination Raid.

The Shadowlands season 1 has ended with the launch of Chains of Domination meaning rewards can no longer be obtained.

Season 2 will officially start on the 6th of July along with the opening of the Sanctum of Domination raid on normal and heroic difficulty.

Cutting Edge will still be available for any last-minute guilds pushing until then.


Shadowlands Season 2 Start Date: When Does The PvP And Mythic Plus Season Release

Both the PvP and Mythic plus seasons will begin and players will be able to start once the servers come back from weekly maintenance on the 6th, however, we cant specify a time as of yet as there is no word on how long server maintenance will be.

PvP has received a large amount of class tuning and PvP talent changes, which players will want to try out as they push their rating in the new season.

Mythic+ is also receiving its own scoring system, where players will be able to show their highest key completion.

Mythic+ will also see the new seasonal affix "Tormented" added to the game.

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With the extended length of season 1, players are eager to get into some new content, whether they are a PvP player or more focused on Raiding or Mythic+, there is something to do this season for everyone.