Server List Announced For The Season Of Mastery

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Blizzard has published new details before the release of the Season of Mastery on the 16th of November and name reservations on the 11th.

Server names have been announced for North America, Europe, and Australia and they are starting off as few servers as possible to ensure the health of each server is maintained throughout the year cycle.


Players will only be able to reserve one name come Thursday per account, and once a realm becomes "full" that server will close, and depending on how many servers close comes the potential for Blizzard to add new servers before launch.

There are only two types of realms this time, normal and PvP because of the fast nature of the content, which is not really created for RP players.

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Server List Announced For The Season Of Mastery

Location Realm Name Realm Type
US EastBarman ShankerPvP
US EastJom GabbarPvP
US EastShadowstrikeNormal
US WestMutanusPvP
US WestNightfallPvP
US WestObsidian EdgeNormal
AustraliaSwamp of SorrowsPvP
Location Realm Name Realm Type

The last thing Blizzard and the players want is servers being unbalanced how they are in TBC, so the fewer servers are on launch the longer they will survive throughout the year-long season.


Also, it is worth noting that there are no language-based servers this time around, so it is likely to see a mixture of languages on each server both on NA, and EU.

If necessary, more servers will be added in the leadup to the Season of Mastery, or even beyond if queue times are as bad as they were during the original release of the game.

The season of Mastery will go live on the 16th of November, with all new mechanics added to raids, Hardcore support, and no more World Buffs!