Sanctum Of Domination Hotfixes Target World First Strategies

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Blizzard has announced a list of hotfixes that will target some of the strategies that world first guilds came up with to ease certain mechanics from the later bosses in the Sanctum of Domination.

These hotfixes will go live during the weekly reset, along with a number of other changes to other areas of World of Warcraft.


The first change is the only bug fix in the list, which targets the spike waves on the Painsmith Raznal encounter, making the damage more consistent with the visual effect.

Sanctum Of Domination Hotfixes Target World First Strategies

The next two changes are to Guardian of the First Ones and Kel'Thuzad, and their strategies that involved ignoring full sets of mechanics.

Guardian of the First Ones

  • The physical damage portion of Obliterate is now correctly increased by Obliterate’s vulnerability effect, and Obliterate’s vulnerability effect has been increased to 5000% on Heroic and Mythic difficulties.

This fix is to counter the one-tank strategy BDGG used to one tank the fight, for the world's fourth kill.


  • Soul Shards will no longer despawn if the target of Soul Fracture dies prematurely.

This hotfix is to fix an unintended interaction with the Weave of Warped Fates trinket, which allowed players who were slain to despawn the tank adds that spawn after getting hit and reviving for free.


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This hotfix will affect all guilds who used this strategy to kill Kel'Thuzad this week, causing them to relearn the fight the next time they reach the encounter, although it won't be a big wall for them.

Guilds who will be progressing over the next few weeks and months, will unfortunately not have access to this interaction, although with the passive power increase by the time they reach it they will no longer need this strategy.

You can read the full Sanctum of Domination changes here.