Same-Faction Battlegrounds Are Returning To The Burning Crusade Classic

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Blizzard has announced that the same-faction battleground test will be returning to all classic Burning Crusade realms upon weekly reset, and will run until the following reset to allow the team to gain a clearer understanding and more direct analysis.

There will be a few new changes coming with this test, and the team is excited to hear feedback during the test.


Premade groups will be limited to 5 players when queuing into the same-faction queue, including the Alliance, who are the faction at a disadvantage.

Same-Faction Battlegrounds Are Returning To The Burning Crusade Classic

There will be an enlistment bonus for Alliance players who queue into battlegrounds, which will contain consumables, crafting materials, tokens, and currency.

"We think it’s worth noting upfront that the most impactful part of this test should be the restriction on premades, and we’re going to be highly sensitive to how Battleground PvP feels for both players who usually queue up alone and players who would have otherwise formed raids before queueing." Blizzard says.

Blizzard understands that they must keep a healthy balance in order to give players a reason to stay on the Alliance side, which is why they are testing out the enlistment bonus, which they will review after the test is complete and make a decision before the system is implemented into the game permanently.


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Blizzard is looking for feedback on the new changes so be sure to leave your thoughts over on the Burning Crusade forums once the appropriate thread has been created.

You can read the full blog post about the upcoming same-faction Battleground test here.