New World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Cinematic Leaves Players Confused... Again

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In the latest Covenant Campaign quest players unlocked the second of three hidden cutscenes Blizzard had planned to release this patch with the final cutscene expected to be found during the final quest next week, which is likely to feature the fate of Sylvanas.

During the questline, Tyrande is overcome by her powers of the Night Warrior given to her by Elune, when the Winter queen appears.


During the cinematic, Elune speaks to the Winter Queen through Tyrande, and it is revealed that they are sisters.

A reveal people were not expecting but this is where things get confusing for the players.

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New World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Cinematic Leaves Players Confused... Again

The conversation between the two is very vague, leaving fans unsure as to the real truth behind Elune's words.

Elune tells her sister that she sent forward the souls from the devastation caused during the burning of Teldrassil to sustain Ardenwearld and her sister.

Unaware, that she led the souls straight into the Maw as fuel for the Jailer.


Players are confused as Bwonswamdi knew prior to this event that all deaths were sent to the Maw, however, as the Loa of Death, it is possible that he was able to find out before others.

It is revealed during the Shadowlands leveling questline that the Winter Queen is unaware of souls being trapped in the Maw, and as players, we don't find out until the end of the Revendreth questline.

Elune is the "Moon Goddess" and this cinematic basically says that she sacrificed her living people to sustain Ardenwearld in the realm of death.

Why would a goddess worshiped by all the living do this? This is why the fans are confused and upset.


At the end of the questline, Tyrande is given a choice, to continue on her path of vengeance, or to choose renewal.

She chooses renewal which again is confusing to players is she has been fixated on vengeance for the past 2 expansions.

Everything revealed in this questline has just left players confused because Blizzard again is unable to provide answers and leaves people with more questions each time a major lore event happens.

We will need to wait and see until the final cinematic is released before we know the full fate of patch 9.1, and hopefully, get some kind of direction as to where the future of the shadowlands will take us.