New Sylvanas Cinematic Released To Provide Context Going Into Eternity's End

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Blizzard has released a new Sylvanas cinematic today in preparation for the next chapter to release on the patch 9.2 PTR, where Sylvanas presumably wakes up after her defeat in the Sanctum of Domination.

This article and cinematic will both feature heavy spoilers for the Eternity's End campaign, if you wish to play through the story blind look away until the patch releases sometime in the new year.

Shattered Legacy shows the allied force leaders hovering over an unconscious Sylvanas, where she is reliving the horrors she has committed over her lives, while in a conflict between her two halves, her High Elf origins, and her Banshee life.


While deciding what to do with her, Baine suggests leaving her to rest, and not wake up to pay for her crimes, however, Bolvar says she is the only one who knows the true goal of the Jailer and convinces everyone that they need her.

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New Sylvanas Cinematic Released To Provide Context Going Into Eternity's End

Uther connects with the unconscious Sylvanas and meets with her High Elf half, as someone else who has been slain by Arthas, Uther convinces Sylvanas to accept her burdens and face the consequences of her other half's actions.

After the leaders leave, Sylvanas is shown waking up, showing her blue High Elf eyes, proving that her old self has taken control of her body.

Lead Cinematic Narrative Designer, Terran Gregory said that this cinematic was meant to provide context for the new chapters going live on the 9.2 PTR this week, where Sylvanas will ultimately face the Faction leaders and inform them more of the Jailers plans, as she begins what may be her redemption story, although we will need to wait and see what fate awaits the Jailer at the end of the Sepulcher of the First Ones in Eternity's End.