New 17th Anniversary Rare Drop Rewards Now Increased To 100%

After releasing a new World Boss with all new unique rewards for this year's anniversary event, Blizzard received some backlash over giving the new Illidari Doomhawk mount a 1% drop chance, locked behind an event that only is available for three weeks of the year.

Today Blizzard announced a hotfix that would see the Illidari Doomhawk and Doomwalker Trophy stand increased to a 100% drop rate.

Players who defeated the boss today will not be eligible for loot and will need to wait for the daily reset to happen in order to loot these items.

Despite these items being on a 100% drop now, there are still many transmog items that are being farmed by players so there should be enough people around to kill the boss over the next three weeks until the event ends, although you may need to wait a bit for a group to form.

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New 17th Anniversary Rare Drop Rewards Now Increased To 100%

All players need to do is have a character above level 30 and travel to the front of the Caverns of Time in Tanaris by taking a portal from their faction's major city, where they will see Doomwalker walking out the front.

There is a quest to kill it, but the mount can be looted simply by killing Doomwalker and not participating in any anniversary events.

This isn't new for limited-time events, as almost every holiday event has a unique mount reward tied behind a 1% drop chance and players have been farming those for 15 years.

Players will have until the 6th of December to go and kill Doomwalker and loot the Illidari Doomhawk and Doomwalker Trophy before they must wait until next year.

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