More Class Changes Arrive In The Final PTR Patch Before 9.1.5 Arrives Next Week

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Blizzard has published early PTR patch notes for the week, which bring with it some final class tuning changes that focus mainly on cleaning up class abilities, bugs, and Covenant spells.

These changes come just one week before the launch of the highly anticipated patch 9.1.5, which brings with it some quality of life changes and Legion Timewalking.

There is nothing game-changing in the patch notes, as many class tuning has already been tested to work in line with the removal of the AOE cap next week.

Two standout buffs see Frost mages Icicles increased by 12%, Frostbolt by 8%, and Flurry by 10%, as well as, Fury warriors auto-attack damage increased by 43%.

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More Class Changes Arrive In The Final PTR Patch Before 9.1.5 Arrives Next Week

Furthermore, Player vs Player has had some class changes which remove three toys from working inside of battlegrounds and arenas as well as, fixing a few interactions with certain abilities and environment issues.

This patch is likely the last changes players will see until patch 9.1.5 launches next week, although players may expect to see further class changes once the whole player base has access to the AoE cap next week.


You can read the full list of patch notes on the development notes 9.1.5 PTR thread on the World of Warcraft Thread on the forums.

Patch 9.1.5 will launch on the 2nd of November, but players will need to wait until December until they have access to the complete patch with Legion Timewalking.

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