List Of Legion Timewalking Mythic+ Affixes

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Legion Timewalking is here and with it comes the very first time players will be able to participate in Timewalking content that features Mythic+ Dungeons.

Just like normal Shadowlands Mythic+, there are 4 levels of affixes added to each key depending on what level it is being completed at.

The system has been updated since Legion, where Mythic+ was introduced and instead of Tyrannical and Fortified being tied to level 10+ keys, Timewalking follows the new system starting these at level 2 keys, scaling earlier than before.

There is also a new level 10+ affix as Shadowlands seasonal affix reflects the theme of the current season and it wouldn't make sense to add it to Legion Dungeons.

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List Of Legion Timewalking Mythic+ Affixes

As there are two weeks running for the first set of Legion Timewalking events, there are two sets of affixes, although we do not know if there will be more down the line in the rotation.

Week 1

  • Tyrannical
  • Bursting
  • Volcanic
  • Infernal

Week 2

  • Fortified
  • Sanguine
  • Quaking
  • Infernal

Infernal is the new "Seasonal Affix" which adds three lieutenant mini-bosses throughout each dungeon, which each have their own set of unique mechanics, but also spawn a number of Legion mobs that deal damage and must be dealt with.

At the start of the fight and every 30 seconds after, Blazing Infernals will spawn and when defeated they will drop a projectile on the ground, and when picked up players they will then radiate fire damage around them for 20 seconds.

Choose whether to deal with this individually or take them into a boss fight to deal extra damage.

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