How To Watch The Burning Crusade Classic Arena Tournament This Weekend

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The upcoming Burning Crusade Arena Tournament is set to be held this weekend beginning on Friday the 23rd, with the top 16 teams going head to compete for a split in the $30,000 (USD) prize pool.

From the 150 teams who signed up for the event, 16 are remaining with 8 from EU and 8 from NA, and they are ready to prove they are the arena masters.


Witness the first iteration of the arena game mode as it was back in 2007, and see just how competitive these players are compared to 14 years ago.

How To Watch The Burning Crusade Classic Arena Tournament This Weekend

  • Livestream: The event will be broadcast over on the Twitch and YouTube Warcraft Channels.
    • Players are allowed to restream their own point-of-view.
    • Streams will also be available in German and Hungarian.
  • Dates: Friday, July 23 - Sunday, July 25.
  • Start time: 10:00 AM PT.
  • Prize Pool: $30,000 (USD), split into $15,000 per region.
    • 1st: $5,000
    • 2nd: $3,500
    • 3rd: $2,000
    • 4th: $1,500
    • 5th/6th: $1,000
    • 7th/8th: $500
  • Format: All games are 3v3, and a best of 5 Double Elimination.
  • Teams
EUROPE North America
HAHAHAFishstick Gaming
Meme for a DreamRLP Strong
Poland MountainSup Fresh
ShadowplayToxic Waste
Spriest ClickeruWu
We Love CatsWhat's up it's us
You Want Troublexgm
Zero Reiliencey u do this?

Casters will consist of popular WoW PvP Community figures Supatease, Venruki, and Ziqo.


Esfand, MrGM, and Pikaboo, fellow content creators will take part in the event as analysts to break down the games to the viewers.

Catch all the action this weekend to see who is the strongest arena team in the Burning Crusade.

You can read the full TBC tournament post here.

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