How To Upgrade Legendary Items To Rank 5 And 6 In Chains Of Domination

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Legendary crafting is receiving some changes going into Chains of Domination, with new items to upgrade base gear, and currency rewards from inside Torghast, here is what you need to know before crafting any new Lengendary pieces.

Upgrading 9.0 Items

Two new ranks have been added to legendary items, Rank 5 and 6 can now go up to item levels 249, and 262.


If you wish to upgrade your current legendary, you will just need to craft or buy a new rank 5 or 6 base item and use the required amount of Soul Cinders at the Runecarver.

Rank 5: 1,100 Soul Cinders

Rank 6: 1,650 Soul Cinders

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Crafting New Rank 5 and 6 Base Items

Players will still need to craft the base item from each respective profession and there is a new pattern that can be purchased from Duchess Mynx in Korthia, who sells Pattern: Tome of Origins which will be required for this.

This tome teaches the user how to create Vestige of Origins, which combines 40 Korthite Crystals, that are obtained from completing activities around Korthia, with standard profession items that are gathered in the world.


The Vestige of Origins can be crafted into a rank 1- 4 base item to give it a higher craft item level.

To craft a rank 5 piece, you will need to craft it onto a rank 3 pattern, and a rank 6 on a rank 4.

As always, these base items can simply be purchased from other players by trade or on the auction house.

How To Upgrade Legendary Items To Rank 5 And 6 In Chains Of Domination

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Upgrading the Items

There is another new currency added that will be required to forge these new base items and powers together.


Soul Cinders is a new currency reward from Torghast and works the exact same as Soul Ash did, complete weekly layers of Toghast and you will receive Soul Cinders.

You will also receive Soul Cinders from weekly, and bi-weekly events in Korthia.

You will earn up to 510 Soul Cinders per week, once all layers of Torghast are unlocked meaning it will take just over 2 weeks to complete a rank 5, and slightly over 3 weeks to complete rank 6 if you decide to hold out and not craft a rank 5 early.

The simplest way to craft a new item is to buy the base item and missives of your choice from the auction house, and bring them alongside the Soul Cinders to the runecarver.