Hearthstone Promotion Gives World Of Warcraft Players A New Mount

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During the reveal Livestream for the new Mercenaries game mode coming to Hearthstone later this month, Blizzard revealed that players who complete the tutorial will be awarded the new Sarge's Tale mount in World of Warcraft.

Sarge is a mouse that has been featured in many promotional pieces for Hearthstone, and players will now be able to unlock this mount for free.

Blizzard also announced a new six-month subscription for World of Warcraft players the features a cross over with hearthstone, which will give them the Tavern Pass and Battleground perks for the current, and next Hearthstone expansion, 15 packs of United in Stormwind packs, 15 packs of the next expansion, and 30 Mercenaries packs throughout the duration of the six-month subscription.

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Hearthstone Promotion Gives World Of Warcraft Players A New Mount

Mercenaries is a new free-to-play game mode so World of Warcraft players will not have to worry about purchasing the game just to receive the mount if they do not have a six-month subscription.

The mount is only available in the Shadowlands version of the game so Classic Era and Burning Crusade players are unable to claim this mount.

This comes as Hearthstone's second promotional mount in World of Warcraft, as the Hearthsteed was introduced back in 2014 for players who had won 3 games.

Hearthstone Mercenaries comes out on October 12th, and players will be able to earn the new Sarge's Tale mount immediately.