How To Unlock The Nightborne Allied Race In World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands

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With the announcement of new customization features coming to some Allied Races who were lacking compared to the rest, Horde players may want to begin unlocking the Nightborne before the patch arrives to prepare.

Allied races are different than traditional World of Warcraft races, and players will need to complete in-game achievements and a unique questline to unlock them.


To unlock the Nightborne, players will need to complete the Insurrection achievement, which will require players to complete the Suramar storyline in Legion, before traveling to the Embassy in Orgrimmar to begin the unlock quest.

Before Shadowlands, players would need to reach exalted with the relevant faction to their new race as well, however, this has been changes and only the achievement is required.

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How To Unlock The Nightborne Allied Race In World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands

This is true to unlock all Allied Races now, greatly reducing the amount of time required to unlock them, especially for new or returning players.


Players who unlock the Nightborne race will also be rewarded with an achievement and the Nightborne Manasaber mount.

Screenshot of the Nightborne Manasaber mount rewarded for completing the questline to unlock the Nightborne Allied Race in World of Warcraft.
The reward for completing the Nightborne unlock quest.

The new customization options will not be available until 9.1.5 releases which at this point in time has no current release date.

Players who create a Nightborne character before the release of 9.1.5 will be able to visit a barbershop after the patch has been released to use all the new customization options that will have been released.