How To Get Timeworn Keys For Legion Timewalking Mythic+

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Legion Timewalking is finally here and players can begin taking part in the return of the Mage Tower, and 6 Legion dungeons that can be completed on mythic+ difficulty.

Just like Shadowlands, mythic+ players will need Timeworn Keys to start up each dungeon.

Players can visit Ta'hsup, the Keystone Trader in Oribos, and accept the quest they have to offer Timeworn Keystone: The Broken Isles. The quest tasks players to complete a Legion key and will award extra Timewarped Badges, Valor points. and Anima.

The Keystone players are given, reflects the same level as what they would have received from the great vault or a level 2 for new players.

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How To Get Timeworn Keys For Legion Timewalking Mythic+

As always, there are normal LFG dungeons that are able to be queued for in the dungeon finder, and the weekly quest to complete 5 dungeons which will award a piece of normal 226 gear from the Sanctum of Domination.

Completing Legion Mythic+ dungeons will count towards the progress of players' weekly vaults, although it won't award Legion items.


The Legion Timewalking vendor can be found next to the flight path in Legion Dalaran, which has all-new rewards featured around the Legion expansion, including a new mount for 5000 Timewarped badges.

Legion Timewalking will also stick around for two weeks upon its first release, and then joins the rest of the expansions in the Timewalking rotation, not returning for 18 weeks.

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