How To Get The Horseman's Reins In The Burning Crusade Classic

Hallow's End is now live in World of Warcraft, and The Burning Crusade has its first chance for players to earn the Horseman's Reins mount in Classic.

Hallow's End is active from the 18th of October until November 1st and each day players have one chance to summon the mount, but the quest can be picked up by all party members which means a group can have five chances per day.

Other than the rare mount, players can expect to see 3 rings, a plate helmet, a sword, a temporary broom mount, and the Sinister Squashling pet drop from the encounter.

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How To Get The Horseman's Reins In The Burning Crusade Classic

To start, players must be at least level 65 and travel to the Scarlet Monastery Graveyard wing and once inside interact with the Pumpkin shrine which will give all players a daily quest to summon the Headless Horseman.

Find the Loosely Turned Soil and have one player at a time interact with it to begin the encounter and summon the Headless Horseman.

Once the boss has been defeated loot him and he will drop a number of goodies that you will roll out through your party as there is no personal loot in TBC, even for these events.

The fight itself is not difficult for a semi geared group, and with five chances per day, players will get to know the mechanics of the fights quickly, unless of course, they are lucky enough to get their desired items early on.

Hallow's End is active until the 1st of November, giving players two weeks to go after these rare items until the event disappears until next year.

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