How To Get Soul Cinders In Shadowlands Chains Of Domination

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Soul Cinders are a new craftable resource in patch 9.1 Chains of Domination which players will need to farm in order to upgrade and craft legendary gear ranks 5 and 6.

Much like Soul Ash was in 9.0, Soul Cinders are a weekly reward from completing Torghast layers, however, they will only be rewarded from the new layers added beginning at 9 all the way to 12.

  • Layer 9: 60 Soul Cinders
  • Layer 10: 50 Soul Cinders
  • Layer 11: 40 Soul Cinders
  • Layer 12: 30 Soul Cinders
  • Total: 180 Soul Cinders
  • Both layers completed will award: 360 Soul Cinders

And just like in 9.0, completing a higher layer of Torghast will reward the previous layers as well (once per week).

How To Get Soul Cinders In Shadowlands Chains Of Domination

There are still two wings available each week for Torghast, just like in 9.0, meaning you will receive 360 Soul Cinders a week from Torghast.

Soul Cinders are also a reward from bi-weekly and weekly events in Korthia, City of Secrets.

Covenant assaults are a new invasion-style event that will be available twice a week for players to complete to unlock 50 extra Soul Cinders upon completion (100 per week).

Tormentors of Torghast is a new event much like the Wrath of The Jailer event from 9.0. Players will need to defeat a mini-boss as indicated on the map, and this will award a further 50 soul cinders.

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The max amount of Soul Cinders plays can earn per week by completing the maximum amount of content is 510 per week.

It is important to note that each new layer of Torghast unlocks per week so currently during week 1 on Chains of Domination, only layer 9 is active.

All layers will be active on the weekly reset of July 20th.

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