How To Fix Long Load Screens In World Of Warcraft

There is nothing worse than long load screens in World of Warcraft, whether you are holding up your group trying to summon you or just wanting to get around the world faster, there are a few different methods to increasing your load speed inside the game.

Obviously, there are a few straightforward fixes like making sure Addons that you are not using are disabled, as these are the main cause for long load screens, especially during the early weeks of a new patch.

Next up is to ensure your installed game is on an SSD, as it will ensure that the game loads faster than it would on your typical HDD.

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How To Fix Long Load Screens In World Of Warcraft

Finally, if you are still seeing long load screens, there is a command you can enter into your chatbox, which will improve the time it takes for the game to load.

/console worldPreloadNonCritical 0

This command will load the important features of the game first, before sending the player into the movable state. It is possible some texture will not load straight away once you are in-game, but you will still be able to move around and continue at a much faster rate.

If you wish to reset this command, simply replace the 0 with a 2 and it will be restored to its default.

Your groups will thank you for the faster loading screens, but it will improve the overall player experience as nobody wants to sit on a loading screen for more than a minute.

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