How All WoW Players Can Earn The Tormented MDI Banner During The Great Push Proving Grounds

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While pushing high keys may not be for everyone, the upcoming Great Push season 2 is available for everyone to enter, with a unique banner up for grabs for players who compete in the Proving grounds.

Blizzard has revealed all players need to do is to sign up and complete the two dungeons in time which will be available during the proving grounds, although the dungeons have not been announced as of yet.

A leader will need to create a team on the Game Battles Sign up before the 29th of November and invite the other 4 players before they are eligible to compete in the proving grounds.

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How All WoW Players Can Earn The Tormented MDT Banner During The Great Push Proving Grounds

The downside is players will need to download and play on the Proving Grounds tournament realm, on a separate character they will need to set up.

This also means that players who have characters not quite geared enough for 15s on live servers can take advantage of creating a max geared character on the Proving Grounds server.

The two dungeons will consist of current Shadowlands dungeons despite there being 2 Legion dungeons returning to the pool for season 2.


The Tormented Banner of the Opportune will only be available through this method so if players are wishing to obtain a unique toy that will not be available again, they should sign up quickly before the 29th to ensure their spot is secure.

Considering how easy it will be to complete 15s with the gear available on the Proving grounds, it will be interesting to see how many teams sign up for Season 2 of the Great Push.

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