Hallow's End Buffs And Candy Work Inside Classic TBC Raids

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Hallow's End began today in World of Warcraft, and players have noticed that both the Victory! buff and candy work inside of TBC raids, which is surprising as Blizzard took a hard stance to prevent World Buffs from working at the start of The Burning Crusade.

The Victory! buff is awarded to all players in the area once somebody completes the Stop the Fires! quest at any town under attack from the Headless Horseman and will grant a bonus to player stats.

Candy, while not as powerful, offers many different power buffs and can be obtained from interacting with candy buckets over Azeroth and outland, and lasts for 30 minutes but can be re-applied.

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Hallow's End Buffs And Candy Work Inside Classic TBC Raids

The Invocation of the Wickerman buff grants 10% experience and Reputation and while it does not grant player power, will be a nice way to gain some extra reputation for players who are behind or playing alt characters, but it is not confirmed to be working inside of raids as it is not completely out yet.

It is surprising to see these buffs work inside of raid instances as Blizzard made sure to change world buffs to be removed from players once they engage in combat inside of a raid.

Blizzard has not commented on if this is meant to be in the game, and it may possibly receive a hotfix with the weekly reset on Tuesday.