Four More Emotes Are Being Removed In World Of Warcraft

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After Blizzard changed the spit emote to no longer work on other players in both Classic TBC and Shadowlands, they have continued to make changes to emotes that can be seen as toxic when used in a specific way.

In this week's PTR patch notes, Blizzard has confirmed that kick, stink, shake, and moan have all been removed from the game in patch 9.1.5.


These four emotes will be replaced with new emotes huzzah, magnificent, impressed, and wince.

Drool, cough, burp, fart, whistle, spit, and moon have also been changed to no longer work when used on another player, and pounce and groan have seen adjustments when used while targeting another player.

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Four More Emotes Are Being Removed In World Of Warcraft

"Some of these emotes seem to have harmless intentions at a glance, but when used while targeting another player, their intentions can turn unexpectedly suggestive or intrusive. We’ve made adjustments to these emotes with negative connotations towards another player, while also adding a few new ones." The patch notes read.

Blizzard has also recently been trying to tone down sexual references in the game with further changes being made to female NPCs being removed in Karazhan to feature more males and gender-neutral names.

World of Warcraft players recently called for Blizzard to act against toxic in-game behavior, but changes to these emote's do not touch on the types of issues some players are reporting via in-game harassment.


It is not confirmed if these updates will see any change on the Classic versions of World of Warcraft, but based on the change to the spit emote, we can assume these changes may be introduced in phase 3.