Former Blizzard Developers are making an RTS game using Unreal Engine 5

Various characters from Blizzard games.

Various characters from Blizzard games.

Several new studios have acquired talent from Blizzard Entertainment in recent years. Two of the biggest studios are Frost Giant Studios, run by World of Warcraft and Starcraft 2 alumni Tim Campbell and Tim Morten, and Dreamhaven, run by former Blizzard Co-Founder Mike Morhaime. Frost Giant and Dreamhaven will work together to create a real-time strategy (RTS) game running on Unreal Engine 5.

It's no surprise that the creators of StarCraft would be a great choice to make an RTS. Frost Giant appears to be the studio in charge of this endeavor. Dreamhaven will not be taking a development role; instead, the studio is consulting, which is a strange thing to see in the industry.

Blizzard veterans working together on an RTS for Unreal Engine 5

Frost Giant is collaborating with Dreamhaven as development moves forward, leveraging the studio's "valuable experience." As consultants, Dreamhaven will provide feedback, playtest, and support the development of the RTS even if it is not actively involved. The former Blizzard studio teams have worked together previously, which is why they have such a strong bond.

As of today, Frost Giant remains the developer of the RTS. It's not that this kind of partnership doesn't happen; it's that it doesn't get broadcasted like this. This sounds more like a PR stunt than a development update. It shows that this RTS is being handled by the best in the business on the best engine.

RTS is still in development for PC, but not much is known about it. The game likely has a long development cycle ahead of it before it will be ready for release, let alone reveal. Even so, classic Blizzard and RTS fans have even more reason to be excited now.

Dreamhaven might have an ulterior motive to helping Frost Giant on this RTS

It is rumored that Dreamhaven will work on their own RTS after they are done with this one. By helping Frost Giant, Dreamhaven can learn how Unreal Engine 5 works while being paid to do so. The co-founder of Blizzard founded Dreamhaven, so many decisions are likely to be business savvy.

Under the Dreamhaven banner, Dreamhaven appears to be forming two studios, Moonshot and Secret Door, each with its own project. Moonshot and Secret Door are led by ex-Blizzard developers who held leadership roles in games including Hearthstone, StarCraft 2, and Heroes of the Storm. It is not clear which kind of game the two studios will work on, but they have the possibility of collaborating as well.

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