Conquest Gains Increased By 70% In World Of Warcraft Shadowlands

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Blizzard announced yesterday that they will be increasing Conquest gains from all content by 70% in Shadowlands as a response to player feedback surrounding the Conquest cap.

Players have been asking for some type of compromise from Blizzard as the Conquest cap can be quite a tedious task to fill up, especially when playing alt characters or any returning players to the game.

The change is in effect to all rewards, including end of game bonuses, and even weekly quest completions.

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Conquest Gains Increased By 70% In World Of Warcraft Shadowlands

During the start of a season, players will only be able to acquire 550 Conquest per week to limit how quickly players can gear up, but as the patch goes on each week that 550 is added to the next week allowing players to catch up if they missed out or started late.

Conquest is the PvP currency for buying and upgrading end-game gear if players have the right rating, and Valor Points are the PvE equivalent, which asks the question if they will see some type of increase later this week to match Conquest.

This change comes into effect leading up to the release of patch 9.1.5, where Blizzard is committed to making the right changes to the game that players are asking for to make the Shadowlands a more enjoyable experience for all players.

There is currently no date announced for patch 9.1.5, although most of the content has been uploaded to the Public Test Realm now, so a date could be coming in the next few weeks.