Complexity Limit Raid Leader Says Sylvanas Will Be The Easiest Cutting Edge Boss "Of All Time"

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The weekly reset has now happened and Complexity Limit has recleared the Sanctum of Domination, receiving new gear and upgrades, and defeating Sylvanas Windrunner on their first pull for the world's second kill.

There has been conversation about Sylvanas being a disappointing boss, however, that was largely due to Heroic being lackluster compared to similar fights.


Blizzard also hyped the fight up themselves, which lead to disappointment from players after seeing how Heroic played out.

Complexity Limit Raid Leader Says Sylvanas Will Be The Easiest Cutting Edge Boss "Of All Time"

Max made some comments on his live stream before reinforcing his thoughts with a tweet after defeating the final boss.


While the Race to World First was a close race between Echo and Limit, Echo was able to take the title defeating Sylvanas before the weekly reset in EU.

After it was revealed that the boss encounter did not end at 50% like other difficulties, both guilds struggled to find that extra 5% damage to push the fight over.

With Limit having more sub 1% wipes, they were the guild that needed the damage the most, and after reclearing the raid were able to come back in and one shot the boss.

When the average Mythic raiding guild arrives at Sylvanas, they will have much more gear, making the DPS check for each phase much more achievable.

It is a huge achievement to defeat a boss this early on without the help of over gearing to negate mechanics.

Complexity Limit, Echo, and all the other World First guilds put on an enjoyable race for all the viewers over the past week, especially on Sylvanas Windrunner herself.

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