Comp Stomp Is Here For One Week And Is A Great Way To Farm Renown

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Whether you are returning to the game with patch 9.1.5 or switching covenant with the lifting of restrictions Comp Stomp is now one of the best ways to gain that extra renown.

Now the patch is live, players were discussing on the forums if the renown from the weekly Battleground Brawl Comp Stomp would be nerfed before Community Manager Kaivax said it wouldn't be. Battlegrounds have a high chance to award renown on a win, and since the game mode is vs bots, it is very easy to win games within minutes.

So group up with some other players or queue solo and take advantage of this event before it is gone next week.


If you are a player who has reached level 80 renown on a character before and is looking to catch up on your new covenant, be sure to pick up the instant level 40 catch up from Au'dara in Oribos who is next to the Flightpath on the second level and purchase the Broker Mark of Distinction.

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Comp Stomp Is Here For One Week And Is A Great Way To Farm Renown

While it may not be the absolute best way to farm Renown, it is definitely a very good option especially for newer characters or alts who may struggle to do other types of content.

Farming Torghast layers 9-12 is your best bet and can be supplemented with other types of content such as LFR wings, Dungeons, and your new covenant campaigns.

Patch 9.1.5 is finally here and players can now start to enjoy all the new quality of life features that are now in the game including the ability to switch covenants with no consequences.