Classic TBC Hotfixes for June 14th

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Blizzard has announced a list of hotfixes that are now live on all Burning Crusade servers, primarily addressing issues the community has been facing in regards to recent strategies that have developed in the new Eye of the Storm battleground.

The following changes are now live, and players will not have to wait until the weekly server maintenance.

  • Priest’s Prayer of Mending now displays on the Raid-style party frames.
  • The Alliance now receive the correct amount of bonus honor in Eye of the Storm.
  • Flag captures in Eye of the Storm no longer grant bonus honor, true to 2.4.3 behavior.
  • The Jewelcrafting design patterns for Don Julio's Heart and Crimson Sun are now available on Consortium vendors.
  • Fixed an issue where Rested would sometimes become active outside of a rest area.
  • Fixed an issue where quest givers can fail to offer the Call to Arms daily if it was for Arathi Basin.

Classic TBC Hotfixes for June 14th

Blizzard is focusing on improving the experience of players in the Eye of the Storm battleground where the most efficient way to farm Honor points was to not capture any points, and just cap the flag as many times as you could while farming the enemy team in their graveyard.


With PvP arenas releasing this week, players have been farming what honor they can to purchase what gear they can on release.

This nerf to honor points leaves PvP fans upset as it was the most efficient way to grind out honor, despite its degenerate gameplay.

Blizzard is in a tough predicament as they are merely following the way honor worked in original TBC and trying to make changes that benefit the whole player base.

Find the World of Warcraft Hotfix blog here.

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