Burning Crusade Classic Phase 3 Now Available On The PTR

Phase 3 has been updated on the Public Test Realm, which brings with it the highly anticipated Black Temple and Battle for Mount Hyjal Raids.

While patch 2.5.3 lacks new open-world content like phase 2 had with the new outdoor factions coming to the game, there is no shortage of max-level content coming to the game.

Phase 3 will also bring with it the third PvP season, with arena points reset and a new set of gear for players to earn by battling it out in the arenas around Outland and Azeroth.

Black Temple and the Battle for Mount Hyjal are available all the time on the PTR and don't have specific raid test days, so players can jump on whenever they want and test out both new raids.

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Burning Crusade Classic Phase 3 Now Available On The PTR

Many vendors can be found in the center of Shattrath offering previous sets of gear, trinkets, consumables, and a number of supplies needed to take on the new raids.

Also in the center of Shattrath, players can speak to Donjon Rade Jr, who will teleport them to the two new raid instances. The new raids on the PTR also can be completed without completing the attunement quests, and level 70 template characters can also be created.

A number of UI improvements are also implemented into the LFG tool, making the group finding experience smoother.

If you want to know how to take part in the PTR, it is available to all players with an active subscription, and you can find out how to download it here.

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