Burning Crusade Classic: Midsummer Fire Festival Release Date, Events, Rewards, And More

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The Midsummer fire festival is a yearly event where the people of Azeroth celebrate the hottest season of the year.

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While the event has been around since the original World of Warcraft in 2004, it did not receive a large overhaul until 2008, and again in Cataclysm.

Burning Crusade Classic: Midsummer Fire Festival Release Date, Events, Rewards, And More

As Lord Ahune was not added until the end of TBC, players are unsure if he will appear in this year's event or not.


Release Date

Blizzard had previously announced that the Midsummer event for Burning Crusade Classic would be delayed by a few weeks, as the original timeline of the event lined up with the actual release of TBCC, so as to not put pressure on players to level fast to experience these events, Blizzard delayed the fire festival.

The new date is now the 23rd of July, beginning at midnight in all regions, and last for two weeks.


There is not as much to do in the original events, as we are seeing the first version of these events re-implemented, however, there is still stuff to do and collect.

Players can interact with the dancing poles at specific celebration locations, which grants the player a 10% experience buff, which will be handy for those players looking to level up some alt characters.

This buff lasts for an hour when completely stacked, and can be collected again when it expires.


There are bonfires spread around the world players can light, and will grant some extra experience or gold if you max level.

We will assume the Frost Lord Ahune will be available, meaning he will be available to be defeated as a special boss inside the Slave Pens, which will award special loot for the two weeks.

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There are always unique rewards tied behind yearly world events, and that is the same here.

There is unique food available with special buffs that players will want to collect and hold onto for future use.

Players will be able to loot special items from Lord Ahune:

  • Cloaks
  • Necks
  • Frostsycthe of Lord Ahune
  • Deathfrost Enchant
  • Scorched Stone Pet

Once the event goes live on the 23rd of July, we will include any updates once all the events have been confirmed in the game, or we receive a detailed blue post from Blizzard.