Blizzard Take More Action Against In-Game Harassment

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When the Phase 2 Public Test Realm for The Burning Crusade Classic went live, players were quick to notice that they could no longer use the spit emote on other players, which many speculated was a way to combat some of the toxicity in-game.

Today a new update went live on the PTR, in which players noticed a change in the sound of the whistle emote, now no longer featuring a "catcalling" type of whistle and now is a more static whistle sound when used at another player.


This new whistle is similar to changes that were made to the current version of the game during Battle for Azeroth.

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Blizzard Take More Action Against In-Game Harassment

While these changes do make a difference in trying to combat harassment in the game, there are still many other emotes left in the game that can contribute to toxicity as well as, a way for players to create their own emotes in the chat window.

Racial slurs are also still not censored baseline by the game, and will only be hidden if the player selects the mature language filter, which does not appeal to the majority of the player base.

Many players would prefer to see Blizzard take action against racial abuse before removing or changes many of the emotes which have been in the game for 17 years.

The removal of the spit emote was a controversial topic in the community, as many believed Blizzard did this to prevent players who were not happy with the addition of microtransactions to the game from spitting on players who purchased these items.


The change to sexually suggestive whistle emote is less of a controversial talking point, and will not affect the game in any way.