Blizzard Remove The /Spit Emote From Burning Crusade Classic

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The Phase 2 Burning Crusade Classic PTR went live last week, and players noticed a small change that has caused a bit of controversy within the community.

Blizzard secretly removed the ability to use the /split emote on other players. The emote is still in the game however, it will only show up that it has been used when not targeted on another player.


There has been no official communication as to why this change has been removed, but players guess it's because of the toxicity behind the emote and using it on players who purchase store cosmetics.

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Blizzard Remove The /Spit Emote From Burning Crusade Classic

In what originated on retail World of Warcraft, players would use the emote on players who purchased a store mount as many people did not like these unique mounts added to the game via a cash shop while Blizzard added more and more reskins for rewards in the game.


This act continued onto Classic WoW and stuck more with the players as classic was meant to be a rerelease of what the game was back in 2007, and once Blizzard announced microtransactions, they knew it was the companies new cash grab.

Players began using the emote on players with the Reawakened Phase-hunter mount, or Dark Portal Hearthstone.

There are many other "toxic" emotes in the game that players are already planning on using once they are no longer able to split on other players.

This change is live on the PTR and expected to come out in the phase 2 patch, with no word if this will also happen to the Shadowlands version of World of Warcraft.