Blizzard May Nerf Some Legion Timewalking Mage Tower Challenges

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After just over a day of the Legion Timewalking Mage Tower being active, Blizzard has commented on the difficulty of some of the challenges and is looking into the data to see what challenges are more difficult than they should be.

While still meant to be a tough challenge, some specializations are having a hard time with certain encounters and the health values of all the challenges have been increased since they were tested on the 9.1.5 PTR.


Blizzard has not announced any changes yet, as they want to make sure they don't over nerf some of the content but are more than likely to make some changes in the coming days.

Many players believe that while it still should be hard, content that is only around for a week (two in this case) and then disappears for 18 weeks should be a bit more accessible.

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Blizzard May Nerf Some Legion Timewalking Mage Tower Challenges

The challenge isn't the problem for many, it is the limited timeframe players are given to complete the content. Sure, many specs are overturned slightly but each challenge is still very doable by players but maybe not in the two-week timeframe during this first Legion Timewalking release.


Blizzard also never clarified what level of challenge players would be attempting these at, as in Legion there was day 1 completion, Tomb of Sageras gear completion, and Antorus gear completion.

While we can expect the ideal challenge to be somewhere between day 1 completion and early Tomb of Sageras levels, players are missing a lot of borrowed power and customization to their characters so only Blizzard knows just how the balancing will work.

Stay tuned for all the nerfs to the Legion Mage Tower as they are announced over the next few days.