Blizzard Developers Talk About External Raid Buffs And The Design Intentions Behind Them

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The World of Warcraft Community Council Forums went live earlier this week, and several high-profile discussions have already been had, with a standout being the discussion about external raid buffs, such as the Priest’s Power Infusion which was added back to the game with Shadowlands.

Power Infusion gives a single-player a 25% haste increase, that can go on any player in the party or raid.


In the current climate of raiding and players wanting to parse high and do the most damage, it can often create drama in a guild, because both the Priest wants to keep it for themselves, but also may be told to use it on another player, and that also means a lot of people are missing out on the large damage increase it brings.

Blizzard says they like the idea of the external buff as it gives players a way to add extra optimization to a boss which could greatly increase the chances of a kill or further progression.

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Blizzard Developers Talk About External Raid Buffs And The Design Intentions Behind Them

Blizzard says there are two different goals created by both the players and the developers, with Blizzard creating the scenario for players to “kill a boss” and players using these abilities to do more damage and parse for external third-party rankings.


Blizzard acknowledges that there is specific social tension by players feeling the need to pass off this buff and the possibility of it causing drama in a guild, which isn’t a great design for a game but is unlikely to change anything in the immediate future.

Blizzard won't change the game around third-party ranking fairness but know it is a large part of raiding culture.

There are only a few abilities in the game that act like this, and the team feels like it would be too far of a step to remove all abilities that work this way as a design feature of World of Warcraft. Some classes are there for support and will continue to use these abilities.