Blizzard Continues To Remove Sexual References From World Of Warcraft

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Blizzard has once again made further changes to remove sexually suggestive content from World of Warcraft, this time renaming an encounter from the Throne of Thunder raid from Mists of Pandaria, as well as, renamed the Big Love Rocket, a rare and sought after mount during the Valentines Love is in the Air Holiday.

The Warcraft teams' first response after the State of California lawsuit, mentioned the removal of content that was "not appropriate for our world," which was in reference to ex-developer Alex Afrasiabi who was named in the lawsuit and had many references in the game.


Since then Blizzard has continued removing references and sexualized in-game content from the World.

These changes come after Blizzard changed two sexualized paintings from "Vanilla" World of Warcraft area's in last weeks build.

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Blizzard Continues To Remove Sexual References From World Of Warcraft

In today's build, The Twin Consorts encounter in Throne of Thunder was renamed to Twin Empyreans, and the Big Lov Rocket mount was renamed to the X-45 Heartbreaker.

While these changes are not game-changing in any way, many players and public figures such as Asmongold, are questioning Blizzard's decision to change things in the game that many players did not even know about.

Not only did Blizzard hint at changes like this happening in their first response, but they have also stated they want to improve the game environment for the community which will reflect the Shared Values of Blizzard and the community.


Players may expect to see many more changes come to the game each week leading up to the launch of patch 9.1.5, and beyond.