Blizzard Confirms They Are Not Going Forward With The Shards Of Domination Nerf

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Earlier this week Blizzard accidentally pushed a hotfix that seemed to nerf the power of Shards of Domination sockets, by up to 50% one of the bonuses.

The nerf was roughly in the game for about two hours, before being reverted to their previous state and later being confirmed that the hotfix was meant to come in the next weekly maintenance schedule.

Blizzard Confirms They Are Not Going Forward With The Shards Of Domination Nerf

Fast forward to today, the Warcraft team has confirmed that they will not be going forward with the nerfs.

"Earlier this week, a change to the power of Shards of Domination set bonuses (e.g. Chaos Bane) was briefly applied to the live game. We are no longer planning to proceed with that change at all. We may make further adjustments in the coming days, but we will not reduce the power of Shards now that many players have earned and upgraded them."

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The Shards of Domination system was a new set bonus added with Chains of Domination, which most of the player base has not enjoyed as the power level of the items is so high it is a requirement to raid.

Many classes rely on the items, however, they also need the specific pieces of gear to socket the shards into, which players can just be unlucky and not receive the item they need for weeks while another player can loot everything in the first week.

Players were fast to let the developers know that they did not want this change and outlined further disadvatages of the nerfs such as, indirectly making the Sanctum of Domination harder, and undermining the preperation players had put in the past three weeks.