Blizzard Confirms List Of Legion Raid Encounters Receiving Nerfs In Patch 9.1.5

Earlier in the week, Blizzard began making changes to some Legion raid encounters making them easier to solo for players looking to re-enter them and farm old armor sets, weapons, and rare mounts.

Legion raids have been a challenge to solo with scaling issues and mechanics not created for the solo experience.

Now the Legion is 2 expansions old, it becomes part of the "legacy" content resulting in personal loot being removed and now each boss will drop multiple items per kill, but if players cant solo some raid bosses there is no real point in adding this feature.

Blizzard today has confirmed a full list of Legion encounters that will see changes in patch 9.1.5.

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Blizzard Confirms List Of Legion Raid Encounters Receiving Nerfs In Patch 9.1.5

Antorus, the Burning Throne

  • Antoran High Command
  • Eonar the Life-Binder
  • Varimathras (This change will be available in a later PTR build)
  • Coven of Shivarra
  • Aggramar

Tomb of Sargeras

  • The Desolate Host
  • Fallen Avatar
  • Kil’Jaeden

The Nighthold

  • Gul’dan

Trial of Valor

  • Helya

Many of these encounters required more than one player to complete, which made it flat out impossible for players to solo in Shadowlands but it looks like all those fights will no longer use mechanics that force players to have friends come help them.

Transmog, mount farming, and soloing old content are a huge part of the game for many players so it is good to finally see Blizzard make changes for these players to finally work on some of the much loved Legion content.

Many players felt their request for these changes took too long, so hopefully, Blizzard doesn't make the same mistake in the next expansion when Battle for Azeroth joins the legacy content rules.

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